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WILBOR - Audio Book Consortium

Check out audiobooks & eBooks from Alton Public Library and download to your home computer or mobile device!

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As part of the WILBOR consortium, the Alton Public Library is offering audiobooks and eBooks for its patrons to download.

WILBOR's collection has adult fiction and nonfiction titles, as well as books for children and teens. 

You can browse or search for a title you would like, log in with your library card number (example…  P104), and download the title to your computer. 

Patrons can then transfer the title to an mp3 player, iPod, iPad, kindle or nook. 

To start downloading, visit the WILBOR website @

You can now check out eBooks from Alton Public Library and read them on your Kindle or Kindle mobile app!  Most WILBOR eBooks are now compatible with Kindle, and the process will seem familiar to WILBOR and Kindle users.

You will need an Amazon account to download to a Kindle or Kindle app, but you won’t need a credit card—just an e-mail address to create an account.  If you already have an Amazon account and have been purchasing Kindle books, it will look familiar to you. 

Look for eBooks that have “Kindle Book”  as an option on the WILBOR website, check them out as usual, but instead of “Download” you’ll see a “Get for Kindle” button, which will take you to Amazon where you can “Get library book”  and select the Kindle or app device to which you want to deliver the book.